Using Apple Educational Programs to Get The Best Results: A guide for teachers


With the recent advancements in technology, we have become heavily dependent on it. Now every child and teacher cannot live without using his phone or iPad. Apple, the tech giant, has taken advantage of this thing and introduced many educational programs called Apple educational programs. Through those programs, Apple is transforming education. It is making it easy for the teachers to assess their students and assign them new tasks. While Apple is revolutionising the education industry, many teachers still do not know about those programs. It is why today’s article is all about Apple's educational programs. It will discuss all the programs along with their benefits for teachers. So, let’s start our discussion with the question below.

What are different Apple educational programs?

Apple has introduced different programs in the education industry. It has transformed education through its technology. However, a brief description of some programs Apple is as follows:

Apple Distinguished Schools (ADS)

Apple introduced the concept of ADS in 1994. These schools have now become the world’s most innovative schools. You can say that these schools are centers of leadership and excellence. To date, Apple has launched about 400 schools where teaching is done mostly through Apple devices. These schools are located in 34 different localities around the world. The teachers of these schools integrate Apple apps into learning. Basically, they are part of the curriculum.

Benefits of ADS

·         ADS gives Personalised Apple Teacher Certificates

·         Congratulatory letter was written by Apple administration

·         The teachers of the schools are considered for inclusion in Apple communications

·         Opportunities for school teachers and young leaders to engage with Apple experts


On June 26, 2018, Apple launched another app with the name of Schoolwork to transform education. The iPads are a crucial element in this app. The students and the teachers can download this app for free from the Apple store. As a teacher, you can send any assignment, notes, or announcement post to your students in the form of an email using this app.

Benefits of Schoolwork

·         Quick survey of the student’s learning through exit tickets (a type of assessment)

·         It allows viewing the students’ progress across all their subjects

·         It can tailor the teacher’s instructions as per the need of students

·         It allows the teachers to collaborate with students easily and give feedback


This is another app contributing to Apple educational programs. This app turns your iPads and Macs into a teaching assistants. It puts the teachers in the driving seat and lets them control the class remotely. Like Schoolwork, you can also send and receive files from your class member using this app.


·         It makes sure that every student is doing their task and is on the right screen

·         It supports distance learning and allows teachers to connect with students remotely

·         It also lets the teachers know which students are offline


Apple has changed our lives a lot through its unmatching technology. As it has stepped into the education sector now, so, you can expect some big innovations there too. The Apple educational programs mentioned above are recent ones.

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