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Most Common Fears And Anxieties Of Students About Academic Writing

Students have fear of writing and they hesitate to write. Academic writing itself is not a hard task to do but still, students feel reluctant. Academic writing is a bit critical in nature but it is not hard. You need to have an understanding of the topic on which you are writing. The fears and anxieties before writing an academic are common in students. This impacts the mental health of students badly because they find it hard to be critical. Here below are some common fears of students in academic writing. Lack Of Potential To Write This is the most common fear of students as they might feel that they do not have potential. Academic writing is critical and tough. If we compare academic writing with essays. Academic writing needs a more thorough approach to complete. Students feel that they are not competent to write academic work efficient. They have a fear that their academic research will be poor and unproductive. Academic coursework writing services need an in-depth study of the