Importance Of Graduation Ceremony In Student's Life

Graduation Ceremony

A single sentence is effective enough to show the importance of graduation ceremony. That single sentence is as follows;

‘All’s well that ends well.’

The graduation ceremony is the hereafter of your academic life. The happiness of getting a degree in front of thousands of people is enough to relieve the academic pain. This is borne by a student for leaning something new. On this prestigious day, everyone gets the fruit of his/her academic efforts. It is one of the most popular educational rituals throughout the world. In all academic sections, there are often two types of students. One type of student never attends classes. The sole purpose of their admission to the college is to get a degree. But still, others want to enlighten their thoughts in light of the qualified tutors. Irrespective of the type, no one can hide the excitement of getting a degree on graduation day. The degree of importance for the Graduation ceremony in a student’s life is quite high. It is very difficult to express this in words.

1. Graduation Day Vs Annual Result Day

The graduation day is different from the annual results day of the school students. Although in both of these occasions, the purpose is same. It is to highlight the students’ academic outcomes. The CEO of dissertation writing service firm said that but if you are in school, you will not be as excited about getting it. This is because most students want to pursue further education. Yet, on graduation day, the excitement of getting a degree increases. Its fuelled with the eagerness to start a professional life. As a result, this occasion becomes special within the students’ lives.

2. Some Important Thoughts Of Students On The Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony is one of the few unforgettable events of students’ life. On this occasion, the student’s brain is recalling thousands of things simultaneously. The feeling of joy and sadness are running side by side. Some common feelings that students may experience at Graduation Ceremony are as follows;

  • The endless burden of homework has finally finished.
  • The stress of examination in students’ minds has ended.
  • Now as a graduate, the student will represent his/her society.
  • Finally, no one will punish them for having discipline issues.
  • Parents will not restrain them from going on hangouts.
  • No need to press and wash uniforms again and again.
  • Many students think that now they can earn money instead of paying fees to the universities.

Apart from these small moments of happiness, other schools of thought also exist. On other side of the picture, some students get emotional as they leave their friends. Some reasons for getting emotional at the Graduation ceremony are as follows;

  • Some students get emotional because they are unwillingly leaving their graduate fellows.
  • Some students think that after graduation their new chapter of life will commence. And that they will never come across these streets again.
  • According to Dr Lotes Nelson, post-graduation changes result in mental health issues. This is identified within the extreme cases.
  • Some students feel the fear of joining a new place after the graduation ceremony.

What kind of emotions a student feels depends on his perspective about the upcoming life. The students who consider Graduation ceremony as the end of their academic life feel sad. But the students who think that Graduation ceremony is the start of a new life feel happy.

3. Unforgettable Memories Of A Graduation Ceremony

Every student creates his/her own memories. But the most common joys of graduation ceremony that students feel are as follows;

a. Wearing The Graduation Gown:

The most exciting thing about graduation ceremony is wearing the graduation gown. The graduation gown acts as an indicator for graduate students. Before graduation ceremony, the students spend a lot of time fixing their gowns. They adjust them according to their physique. To make this event unforgettable, everything must be appropriate, neat, and clean. I myself never will forget my gown wearing walk towards the stage. This reminds me of the glorious time when I collected my degree. I want to continue my educational journey. And this gown will always remind me of my educational endeavours.

b. Tossing Of Mortarboard:

Another important practice at the Graduation ceremony is ‘tossing the mortarboard high and far.’ Its practice started decades ago. This tradition reflects the awakening idea. It refers to the following;

‘After getting an education, the students are free to explore the world’.

In an interview of mediocre students, one said;

‘I tossed the mortarboard as I felt free from my monotonous academic routine.’

On most occasions, all students of a batch toss their mortarboards at the same time. This practice reflects that the students will fly, work, and change the world together.

c. Getting A Degree In Front Of Your Loved Ones:

The feeling of getting a graduate degree in front of your parents is a moment of pride. It is a very special part of every student’s life. In my life, a moment of pride was when I saw my parents happy and satisfied. Students get a degree as a fruit of their hard work. But parents get the satisfaction for fulfilling their responsibilities.

4. The Significance Of Graduation Ceremony

A cheap dissertation writing service ceremony is the borderline between student, and professional life. This event formally prepares the students in taking charge of their professional aspects. Still, other factors give graduation ceremony a special place in the students’ lives. These include the following;

  1. The graduation ceremony gives students a last chance to spend quality time with friends.
  2. It occupies a special place in the student’s life. This is because it’s an opportunity to celebrate academic success.
  3. Students try to make precious memories with their friends. They also arrange dine out activities after the graduation ceremony.
  4. This is a mutual event. It is one where many students have a singular reason for celebration.
  5. Usually, after submitting a thesis, friends drift apart from each other. Hence, the graduation ceremony is an event of reunion for all those friends. This is an event where they can spend quality time together.
  6. Within a student’s life, graduation acts like a landmark. It acts as a symbol of change in a student’s life. Some of these changes are as follows;
  • Symbol of progress
  • Symbol of transition
  • Symbol of adventure
  • Symbol of freedom


  1. Celebrating graduation is a culmination of years dedicated to learning and personal growth. The joy of receiving a degree is immeasurable, marking the end of academic challenges. However, it's crucial to emphasize the importance of genuine effort and knowledge gained. While the temptation to buy an essay uk might arise, the actual value lies in the journey of acquiring skills and knowledge. Cherishing the achievement on this prestigious day is a testament to hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of education, steering clear of shortcuts that compromise the essence of actual learning.

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