5 Must Consider Elements While Writing PhD Dissertation

PhD Dissertation
Among all the academic writings and papers, the PhD dissertation is considered the most difficult time taking a project. It involves deep and thorough research with multiple chapters to write. Each chapter has its requirements and details which you have to cover. For making your PhD dissertation successful you must include all the necessary and essential elements in it. Here is the list of five essential elements shared by a PhD dissertation writing service that your PhD dissertation must include for making it the perfect one.

The title is the main part of any academic writing. The title of the dissertation shows the main features of the dissertation. Many individuals mix the topic with the title. A topic is something that you initially decide to do work on. The topic is a broad term. It refers to that field of a subject for which you are conducting research, whereas the title is specific and contains one or more sentences. The title of the dissertation should tell the readers about the specific area of research you have worked on. It should be simple, short, sensible, and memorable. It should quickly tell the reader what it is about. The first page of the dissertation is the title page. This title page contains the full title of your dissertation, subtitle, the name of the authors, the name and logo of your university, the name or title of the degree, and the date of submission.

Like a movie or drama, an introduction is the opening scene of your dissertation. An opening scene of the movie introduces the characters, setting, and the plot or conflict on which the whole film is based on. The opening scene does not reveal or uncover the whole story but it only provides those details that are necessary to understand the remaining part of the film. Similarly, the introduction of a dissertation introduces the reader to the purpose and aim of the writing and what is the theme or question on which the dissertation is based on.

Thesis Statement:
A thesis statement is a problem statement that is the major motive or reason behind your research. It is based on the question or the gap in the previous research. A thesis statement is the single, explicit case that your dissertation upholds. It responds to the inquiry you need to raise; it does as such by introducing a theme, the position you wish to defend, and a thinking diagram that represents out the defense of your picked position. It is a verifiable articulation, a perception, a genuine belief or inclination, or the inquiry you intend to reply to. There are three main parts of a thesis statement; subject, opinion, and a suggested proposal. The subject of the thesis must be according to the requirements or guidelines provided by your supervisor.

Citation is the essential part of every writing. An author must give reference or credit to the source of the content. During the data collection for your dissertation writing, you might use several websites, books, and journals. It is important to keep a record of all these sources. During the data or information gathering you must note down the name or title of the book, journal, or article, names of the author(s), year of publishing, publisher name, place of publishing, and complete website address. This information will help you a lot in the future when you will be writing the citation. There are different citation styles. For your dissertation, you have to follow the style approved by your supervisor or university. It is important to use the recommended citation style in the correct format.

Sometimes writing the conclusion for our dissertation becomes the most difficult part. In conclusion, you have to sum up the whole work without introducing the new concept, idea, or information. The information you have provided in the whole dissertation must be sum up in such words that it shows the importance of your research and it shows that you have complete successful research. it should make your readers agreeable with your thoughts and ideas presented by you in your dissertation. Besides the above mention important elements, some parts of the dissertation are minor but have much significance. Individuals usually pay less importance to them and lose marks or grades because of it.
  • The appendix is like the side dishes. One cannot put all of the information in a dissertation and it is impossible to explain and everything within the specified format of a dissertation. So all other information that you think is necessary to put in the dissertation for making it understandable to the reader is put in the appendix. For example, graphs, charts, images, surveys, lists, texts, tables, questionnaires, etc.
  • Don’t put the raw data in your appendix. The data you choose to show in the appendix must be relevant to the content or information you have provided in the main chapters of the dissertation.
  • If you have more than one appendix, you should name appendix A, appendix B, appendix C, and so on.
  • If you are including the notes section, then it must be arranged according to the chapters of the dissertation.
  • The bibliography section should include all the citations in proper format and style.

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